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RES (Renewable Energy Systems)  is one of the world's leading independent renewable energy project developers. A respected British company with over 30 years of experience of planning, building and operating renewable energy projects, RES has been at the forefront of wind energy development since its inception and has developed and/or built over 12,000 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy capacity worldwide. This includes projects in the UK, Ireland, France, Scandinavia, and the Americas, with a large additional portfolio currently in development.

Drawing on our decades of experience in the renewable energy and construction industries, RES has the expertise to develop, construct and operate projects of outstanding quality which contribute to a low carbon future by providing a secure supply of sustainable, low cost, clean green energy. RES is committed to finding effective and appropriate ways of engaging with all its stakeholders, including local residents and businesses, and believes that the views of local people are an integral part of the development process. RES is also committed to developing long term relationships with the communities around its projects, proactively seeking ways in which it can support and encourage community involvement in social and environmental projects near its developments.

RES is active in a range of renewable energy technologies, including onshore and offshore wind projects, solar, wave and tidal energy.  RES is also investing in new and innovative technologies such as energy storage which will deliver improvements to the UK’s ageing grid network and enable greater deployment of low cost renewable energy.

For more information about RES and our portfolio of worldwide renewable assets, visit www.res-group.com.